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Worlds that both educate and entertain.

About Us

Our work resides somewhere between pencil and polygon, technology and the human experience.

Augmented Pictures is a virtual reality animation studio. We believe that story is the life blood of humanity. Our mission is to tell purpose driven stories that appeal to audiences of all ages. We are on the pursuit to create authentic character driven stories that will explore learning, culture and humanity. By combining our distinct art style and a unique perspective of virtual reality, we strive to tell stories that both educate and entertain.

This tiny studio was founded by Animation Director and Designer Will Roberts. While creating Augmented Pictures back in 2013, he started out with a simple motivation: to explore the depth of modern virtual reality and on that journey, tell the best stories possible. Will is on a mission to create works that are both artfully crafted and inspirational. Works that spark a sense of wonder and adventure. Above all, he wants to use augmented and virtual reality to effect culture in a positive way.





  • A viewer does not despise a real forest because he or she has experienced a majestic virtual forest. It just makes a real forest
    a little more majestic.

    - Will Roberts -

EverTales is a VR story platform for youth and young adults. This compilation of cinematic stories will transport our young audiences into enveloping and engaging worlds. With the launch of EverTales, we’re helping to lay the foundation for a new imaginative art form that will create a sense of presence, curiosity and adventure. Through the power of artfully crafted stories, we’re embarking on a journey to pave the way for educational exploration.


Amongst Beast

The story is of Candice, a young orphaned girl who takes the solemn responsibility of fighting for a legacy that she never knew existed.

Coming soon to : Oculus Rift, Microsoft MR,  Vive, Playstation VR



Danger is an augmented reality story that explores the effects of climate change, endangered species and the people who save them.

Coming soon to : Merge VR HoloCube

Let's work together

Aside from creating our own IP, we strongly believe in partnerships. Building relationships with technology startups, non-profits, publishers, educators and filmmakers is key for us. This allows us to blur the boundaries between disciplines to create relevant and inspirational stories. We are a team of master craftsman with years of experience. Augmented Pictures has been building immersive worlds and using VR storytelling techniques since the early days of Second Life. Not bound by any one virtual reality platform, we apply a craft-like finesse and execution to the creation of rich interactive experiences that delight audiences of all ages.






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Augmented Pictures
An animation studio which is committed to the creation of purpose driven content for virtual reality.
Based in Harlem, NY