A compilation of immersive story-worlds.

Made in VR for VR. 

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An interactive parable that takes place within a Mixed Reality.

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To create story driven virtual experiences that will better humanity.

Augmented Pictures is an NYC based immersive design and animation studio. We believe that story is the life blood of humanity. Our mission is to create authentic virtual story-worlds that appeal to audiences of all ages. We are on the pursuit to create character driven experiences that spark a sense of adventure and wonder, that are pedagogical in nature and bridges cultural gaps. By combining a distinct art style and a unique philosophy of story-world building, we strive to tell stories that both educate and entertain.

This tiny studio was founded by VR Artist and Director Will Roberts. Will is on a mission to create worlds that are both artfully crafted and inspirational. Worlds that spark a sense of wonder and adventure. Above all, he wants to use augmented and virtual reality to effect culture in a positive way.

As an Animation Director, VR artist and Immersive experience designer, Will has a longtime interest in exploring the intersection between technology, folklore and the human experience. Will’s personal work fuses a highly stylized 3D aesthetic with Afrofuturist concepts, ultimately creating tangible immersive designs and stories that celebrate the cultures of marginalized populations. While earning an MFA in 3D Animation and Sound Art, Will got his start in VR as a researcher, entrepreneur and virtual world builder in the popular VR platform “SecondLife”.

Now for over a decade, Will has been creating worlds in the film, gaming, publishing and technology industries. Outside of world building, Will manages to get away from the computer as well: From documenting the lives of Liberian war orphans, to leading “L.I.F.T” (Learn It For Tomorrow), a youth empowerment workshop; his perspective on design and virtual world building is heavily influenced by his experiences in the real one. Virtual and augmented reality may be his vehicle, but being a voice for the voiceless and giving back to heritage and culture is his ultimate purpose.





  • A viewer does not despise a real forest because he or she has experienced a majestic virtual forest. It just makes a real forest
    a little more majestic.

    - Will Roberts -

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Aside from creating our own IP, we strongly believe in partnerships. Building relationships with technology startups, non-profits, publishers, educators and filmmakers is key for us. This allows us to blur the boundaries between disciplines to create relevant and inspirational stories. We are a small team of master craftsman with years of experience. Not bound by any one virtual reality platform, we apply a craft-like finesse and execution to the creation of rich interactive experiences that delight audiences of all ages.

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Augmented Pictures
An animation studio which is committed to the creation of purpose driven content for virtual reality.
Based in Harlem, NY