Learn It For Tomorrow


At our core, we are on a mission to inspire and educate the next generation of storytellers, 
technologist and designers. This is how we give back.

Imagine if the next great inventor is a youth that lives on your block. Yet his/her potential is out of reach because that inventor has never been exposed to his/her tools. We don’t want to let that happen. Not on OUR block!

The Mission

L.I.F.T (Learn It for Tomorrow) is a Harlem based pop-up workshop that teaches marketable technology and design skills to young adults in underserved communities. We strongly believe that the technology and design sector will be stronger if talent from ALL backgrounds is deeply-seated into the development of the products and companies of the future. With today’s rapidly changing digital workplace, we are committed to preparing the leaders of the workforce of tomorrow.

Program Overview

The L.I.F.T program places students in an intensive skills and career accelerator. Upon starting the program, students will choose a path that best suits their interests. Students will learn a diverse range of skills which include: Graphic Design, Web Design/Development, 3D Modeling and Virtual World Building, and 3D printing. While building their marketable technical skills, participants will be focused on using technology and design to solve everyday problems. Students will participate in a series of career building sessions ranging from creating personal projects and portfolio presentations to entrepreneurship and resume workshops. Upon completion of the L.I.F.T. program, our students will have strong fundamentals in their area of interest, a solid portfolio project, and career development training.

We must lift while we climb.